A wire protection and fasteners design manufacturer with over 30 years experience protecting critical equipment needed to clarify their target customer, improve messaging and boost marketing output to attract more sales ready prospects.


  • Developed customer profiles across key market segments to silo marketing efforts within product lines and helped create streamlined benefits based messaging.
  • Improved and differentiated trade show booth collateral based on industry needs.
  • Implemented email marketing strategy to highlight trade show participation and promote new product launches.
  • Facilitated content creation and distribution to promote client’s subject matter expertise.
  • Developed long-term marketing calendar to better plan monthly marketing efforts and establish achievable goals.


  • Increased marketing “touches” by 80% leading to an increase in website traffic and lead count.   
  • Post-trade show email campaigns lead to increased conversion opportunities.  
  • Value-based messaging across platforms focused prospects on tangible benefits rather than vague features 
  • Launched regular e-newsletter leading to better-informed customer and prospect base. 
Increased Marketing Touches 80%
Improved post-trade show conversion opportunities 30%