A high-vacuum systems manufacturer for thin film deposition and space simulations needed to segment their product offerings and expand their marketing efforts and streamline their sales process to attract more qualified leads and track results.


  • Website: PH Koules partnered with Image Conscious Studios to redesign their website. A clean, updated look and a more organized approach to products, features, and benefits served to improve user experience and focus on the company’s differentiating value. A blog was added to feature project spotlights and inform industry professionals.
  • Tradeshow & marketing materials: PH Koules redesigned the tradeshow booth and marketing collateral to more effectively feature the companies products and capabilities.
  • Sales Process:  Improved sales process by tracking leads and implementing a CRM system to ensure timely response and continued follow up. 
  • Launched email marketing to nurture prospects and support lead conversion.
  • Social media: Developed and maintains LinkedIn to connect with and inform industry professionals.
  • Developed and maintains digital marketing strategy to generate additional new leads.


  • Improved website performance including impressions and new users by 32% leading to an over 50% increase website leads.
  • Organized and segmented database to better track leads and measure campaign and tradeshow effectivity.
Increased Website Impressions 32%
Increased Website Leads 50%
Boosted New Users 32%