A fence manufacturer specializing in high-end, custom solutions looked to grow their direct to consumer business. They have an excellent reputation among homeowners, high-end builders, and top architects. However, with increased local competition and consumers’ access to endless online information, they were missing the average regional homeowner with distinguished tastes and disposable income. Furthermore, they were investing in marketing and advertising but had no way of tracking leads and measuring ROI.  


  • Sales process & CRM: P.H. Koules quickly identified an underutilized CRM system and inconsistent sales process. We worked to streamline and customize the system to enable relevant customer data to be entered and tracked.
  • Social Media & Email Nurture: P.H. Koules built their digital platform to include social media as well as email and content marketing to attract target customers and nurture sales-ready leads
  • Website/SEO: P.H. Koules partnered with SEOptiks to improve search performance by migrating their website to a customizable WordPress platform, improving content and continued keyword analysis. Lead capture forms were added to promote conversions.  


The fence company has seen a steady growth in website form conversions, social media followers, email marketing list and relevant keyword search performance leading to a 30% increase in overall leads.

Increased Leads 30%
Grown Social Media Followers 50%
Keyword Improved Search Performance 30%