Showing Love for your Business Community

I wrote this a few years ago and thought I’d re-post on this Feb 14th.  (I still don’t especially enjoy this holiday but I like the idea of using it as a reminder to spread the love when you can –  in work and play!)

It’s Valentine’s Day. Okay I admit it, I’m not a big fan of this holiday. I’ve never quite subscribed to the obligation of it all. I just think that for those you love, you shouldn’t need a holiday to remind you to show it. It’s the little things, done every day and out of genuine affection that matter most.

I believe the same is true for your business relationships. At minimum, your clients expect you to deliver on your promises – whether money is exchanged, a contract is created or hands are shaken, you of course, need to come through. However, just like with those you love, it is doing the small extras over time that builds unshakable relationships. Nothing will set you apart more with those in your business community by taking time to serve and help whenever you can. Here are some small things that you can offer today and throughout the year:

Referrals: Generously send referrals without expecting anything in return.

Information: Post useful articles through social media to your broad network and whenever you can send direct emails to those whom you think the information will really best serve

Recommendations: Offer to write recommendations to those who have served you. (If you are short on time, ask the person to draft a version useful to them)

Introductions: When you are at an event introduce two people who may benefit from knowing each other. When you connect with someone via LinkedIn, invite them to review your connections and offer to e-connect them to members of your network (be sure to ask permission first, though) .

Organizations: If you know of or are involved in organizations you think would benefit your community, be sure to promote the organizations through your channels but also send the information directly to those you think it may benefit.

Thank you: Be sure to show your appreciation to your community- customers, suppliers, prospects, employees, partners, etc as often as possible.

If you do these type of things on a regular basis for those in your community out of love and a genuine desire to help them be successful, you will see your business relationships truly flourish.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Patty Katsaros
P.H. Koules Consulting

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